My name is Laura J. Schiller and I live in Westminster, Colorado. I am married and have two sons. I’ve been working in polymer clay and eggshell for approximately 27 years. I began by creating small figurines and then discovered the endless designs I could create in polymer clay and eggshell. 

Before this, I came from a family who were always interested in the newest craft or art form to come along. This was a huge influence on me. I attended Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming and obtained my associates degree in art, followed by Morningside College where I graduated with honors and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic arts. After I graduated, I discovered I was not suited to an advertising career. However, during college I found my way into photography and eventually was able to work professionally in that field. 

While working in the photographic field, I decided I wanted to do something as a hobby for myself. I remember visiting my local craft store and walking through the entire store looking for something different than what I had already seen done. At first, I had tried dough art, but this was a disappointment since the dough would crack and the final results were unpredictable. Then in 1994, I discovered polymer clay. Two years later, I applied eggshell to polymer clay and my only fascination became two. I progressed rapidly in perfecting my style in the clay. From 1997-2008, my husband supported me as I began to produce, sell my designs at local shows and continually master the two elements I fell in love with on a daily basis.

In 2008, I wrote my first article for a magazine called PolymerCAFE. It was the first article of ten, with the last one published in 2014. I’ve also had articles published in the quarterly magazine of the International Egg Art Guild (IEAG) and The Art of the Eggshell Magazine. However, in 2009, I received a call from the American Egg Board asking me to create the Colorado State Egg of 2009 as part of their annual 50 state egg display to the White House. I was thrilled and completed the design promptly. The board was so impressed with my design they called me in 2010 to create the 33rd Commemorative Egg to the First Lady of the United States. This was the highest honor I have received in creating my egg art in polymer clay to date. After this I went on to receive other awards. 

In 2015, I finished my self-published book, The Polymer Clay Egg. This book has laid the ground work for more to come. In 2017, I was awarded the Best of Show in the Art Students of Denver League juried show “A Flat of Eggs” and a finalist award in the Creative Clays Contest 2017 sponsored by Fire Mountain Beads and Gems. (For more on my awards check out the “White House Egg” and “Honors” pages.)

Currently I blog through my Facebook group, Laura J Schiller Originals (Egg Art/Polymer Clay), teach classes from my home and sell my work at shows in the fall season and a shop in Central City, Colorado called Mountain Heart Gallery.

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